Playstation 1 Console

Intro Edit

The Playstation was the first game system developed by Sony and one of the first consoles to successfully use disk reading software. Although there had been attempts to use DRS (Disk Read Software) in the past only the Play Station could bring it to the full attention of the video game community. With its updated graphics, inventive controles, and amazing use of vibrent color the Sony Play Station became an icon for disk based game consoles. In the years to come sony would further develope this technology to create even better gaming consoles all of which would be modeled after the original PS1.

Games Edit

Many games where developed for the PS1 most of which where one time games that never developed into franchise. There where however a few that did last and are even still present in this generation. Most of them are well known such as: Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Rayman. All of these got there start on the Sony PS1. Another good game that originally came out on the PS1 is Oddworld (believe it or not but the title says it all). Later even more titles would resonate throughout the ages. The last game franchise that is worth mention is without a doubt Metal Gear Solid. Although it didn't really get its start with Sony, they are the ones who took it to the next level.

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